Saturday, December 6, 2008

A pretty good try at a family photo

David, Mary Beth and Laurie

Laurie is at BYU. She studied in London during the winter semester. At the end of the semester, David and Mary Beth flew over to meet her. We then traveled to Italy together.

The grandchildren

Talie, Andrew and Peyton

David, Diane and Andrew Jones

Diane and David live in Chula Vista, CA. David graduated from law school this year and works for a downtown firm. Diane has been studying photography and loved her first year as a mom. Andrew was born December 24, 2007. He is a fast crawler and just starting to walk.

Scott, Lacy, Talie and Peyton Rane

Scott and Lacy live in Mesa, AZ. Scott works in the tax department of US Foods. Lacy loves photography. Talie is two and a half and Peyton is 10 months old.

Kristen and Chris Lanshe

Kristen and Chris were married in November of 2007. They live in LA. Chris works for a consulting Company and Kristen works and is working on finishing her degree.

Thanksgiving was a feast in many ways.

We were lucky to have everyone for Thanksgiving. The three grandchildren had a great time together. We went to the beach and had lots of fun around the house. We even got Andrew's first step on camera. We also decorated the Christmas tree together.